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First, take notice of the area in which the black mold is growing. One of the biggest difference I notice is that we all sleep better when the filters are running. Furthermore, we had the filters running in the office after it was painted and the carpets were changed, and that toxic smell was gone in a day and a half. Frequently running water in the shower creates wet surfaces and puddles of water. Since you are cleaning non-porous surfaces, you can also try a diluted bleach solution (one cup of bleach added to one gallon of water). Besides cleaning stains on the surface and clothes, both chlorine and oxygen bleach are famous for their other purposes. Where are your hedges located? For many molds, they tend to have a greenish-blue appearance, but there are some cases where a mold can take on an orange-red color. If you find black mold, or any mold in your refrigerator, you must figure out the cause, get rid of the mold, and take steps to prevent the mold from coming back. You may not think to be on the lookout for black mold in your refrigerator, but the steady moisture, loosely sealed leftovers, minimal air movement, and persistent darkness can make the inside of your fridge the perfect breeding ground for black mold.

Now, remove the remaining food, beverages and condiments from your fridge and put them in a cooler while you clean. If the mold is being caused by something other than food rot, or returns even after you have cleaned the fridge thoroughly, you may have a mechanical problem with your refrigerator. Remember, mold is a living organism, and in order to solve the problem it is necessary to kill all of the mold spores to prevent them from growing again. If a musty smell develops in your home, there is a good chance that mold can be growing in your home inconspicuously. Identifying mold in your home can be a challenge, as the color of mold can range depending on the different type of mold growing in the environment. Any type of mold in your refrigerator is a problem. It is vital to acknowledge that there is a mold problem in your home as soon as you can, because it can spread to other areas of the home, or even compromise areas of your home that might not be as easy to clean, such as ceilings or inside the walls.

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These molds may spread to the refrigerator through the air circulation, and by sitting in a drawer or on a shelf long enough for the spores to transfer to the plastic or metal surface. Mold spores are the transporters of these toxins into the environment and can increase your dangers of black mold health effects. The Dangers of Black Mold: Is it Dangerous to Your Health? The most common types of mold that can form in your home can include Aspergillus, Cladosporium, and Black Mold. Some types of food, such as cheese and hard salami, produce mold naturally and can still be eaten once the mold is cut away. A fair amount of the gasses produced can be completely odorless but some, however, can produce a musty smell that can be quite pungent. Toxins released from Black Mold can be a detriment to your overall health when exposed to the mold for a considerable amount of time.

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Black mold is a mold that takes on a very dark color that can typically be spotted fairly quickly. After a mold-remediation specialist has come in and removed the mold, this process can cause mold spores to get released into the air and cause health problems for those in the environment. The first thing to do if you discover mold in your refrigerator is to remove any obviously rotting foods and uncovered foods and leftovers that could be harboring mold spores. Rotting foods, including most produce, grains and nuts, will develop mold growth that not only destroys the food, but also is dangerous to consume. Black mold develops on clothes that are not used for a long time. The worst thing that can happen when you are performing your routine yard maintenance is a breakdown of equipment or a lack of battery power to see you through your entire task. The refrigerator is dark much of the day, which allows mold to grow quickly, but you may not see it until it has become a larger issue. Spray your cleaning solution on the refrigerator surfaces and allow it to sit for a minute or two.

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