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7. Ground Cover: clover makes a great filler for spots of the lawn that are dead or just need some filling in. Also caused by fungi, this disease can rot both shoots and roots and is manifested as brightened dead spots as the grass emerges from dormancy. I have been using my thatching rake, and sure enough there is a build up of thatch around the roots. Your hope is that weed control companies in Aldie, Ashburn, or Leesburg, VA would know the best plan of attack to deal with spring weeds so that you don’t have to be involved. Some Ashburn, Aldie, and Leesburg VA lawn care companies fail to take a customized approach. It’s important to recognize that not all lawn care companies in Northern Virginia are created equal, and therefore they will not all take the best approach to getting your weed problem under control. Fertilizers that are used for lawn feed and weed control contain chemicals that release nitric oxide and, in time, destroy the ecosystem by killing little insects that leave underground as well as different kinds of plants. Plants need sunlight to survive and creeping Charlie is no exception. A perennial weed, white clover grows close to the ground and spreads in a creeping manner.

An infestation of white clover could make it a risky endeavor to go barefoot in your lawn during the summer. White clover has crescent shaped white marks on its leaves and white flowers appear in the summer. During the hot, summer days it is very easy to locate them. Many have achieved Applicator Certification under the category of Industrial, Institutional, Structural and Heath Related pest management. We can handle as much of the management of your property as you’d like. You’ll need to identify the specific weeds on your property and then determine the plan that will work best. That’s because some weeds are harder to control than others and will respond differently to various products. Applying selective, liquid weed control to these spring lawn weeds will help get these pesky weeds under control by helping the foliage to wilt down and disappear. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to take back the control of your lawn with selective, liquid broadleaf weed control products, before clover has a chance to develop flowers and bees show up.

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They are perennial, which simply means, once a plant establishes it’s self in your lawn it will grow every year unless you take action to control it. With some regular maintenance, you can take back your lawn. Herbicides also may not kill the root system of mature clover, which means that they can grow back. While some companies will just come out and spray again and again, all they’re doing is treating symptoms and never getting to the real root of the problem—which is that the grass is not as healthy as it could be. This is because clover is able to produce its own nitrogen by using symbiotic, nitrogen-fixing bacteria which have evolved to live within the root system of many species within the legume family – Fabaceae. The sad part is that the bees have been killed off so badly by now that it is difficult to tell if they are there or not. Clover is among the most widespread types of plants in the world, and there are about 300 species of it. Both of these plants will ultimately appear to die off in summer, however, the underground bulb can persist for several years.

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This will kill the clover without harming other plants. Always be sure to read the instructions and information provided for weed treatments, and you’ll be more likely to kill your weeds and not your grass. Trifluralin (contained in products such as Preen Garden Weed Preventer), on the other hand, is a pre-emergent, nonselective herbicide that will kill grass seeds as well as weed seeds and is only for use in established gardens. It would be fantastic, but the situation is much more complex – proper lawn care requires a lot of time, energy, and money as well. Keeping all this in mind as well as the fact that lawns require plenty of water for healthy growth, many people began to change their perspective and look for alternatives. But keeping a healthy lawn full of nothing but grass requires lots of water, and lots of chemicals and herbicides to keep the weeds at bay.